Tim Baxton 
Psychic Medium 

Tim Baxton
psychic medium  

Psychic Medium * Spiritual Coach * Healer

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Tim channels your Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels,

 Spirit Friends & Family as well as your past lives. 

Accessing your Soul he can provide 

clarity & insights into your everyday problems. 

Helping you view situations from a spiritual perspective to bring 

greater meaning & guidance which will support on your earth sojourn. 

He has had over 25 years working full-time as a 

Psychic Medium / Spirt Guide /

 Life Coach

For People & Pets 

Also Certified in Theta Healing ® to help you clear old 

beliefs, traumas and attachments 

to better facilitate speedier healings to get you living 

your best life

Tim is a master psychic medium uniquely gifted
to offer you a rich exp

Tim has a solid reputation for being accurate and personal. He has a clear and detailed connection to his spirit guides who relay messages of clarity and light to his clients. His compassionate and gentle demeanor makes him uniquely approachable, yet he is direct and honest about what he hears. 
His passion is empowering the client to find what truly gives them joy and access all their
possibilities for creating a powerful rewarding life.

His clients appreciate his gift of spiritual guidance, where he helps them see universal truths and find clarity, love, and their own spiritual connection within themselves. There is a special quality of inspiration about readings with Tim that surpasses the every day psychic reading.