Tim Baxton 
Psychic Medium 

Tim Baxton
psychic medium  

Psychic Medium * Spiritual Coach * Healer


Tim Baxton is an accomplished naturally gifted Psychic Medium with over 20 years professional experience. Born with psychic abilities and seeing Spirit in every day life, he was taught by his guides and angels to help him see all our Divine purpose and understand the true nature & meaning of our life. They assisted him while he learned his craft and guide him still when working with his clientele.

Tim started his career as a hairstylist after high school, where he thrived on helping people see their own beauty. After many years he became known as the Psychic Stylist in the Twin Cities where he gave readings and did hair in salons.  After years of that he was guided to leave the beauty industry to pursue full time psychic medium work. Where he now enjoys helping people see their own inner beauty and to help people remember who they truly are and enhance their connection with Spirit while helping them learn they are Creators in their own lives too. 

Tim has a solid reputation for being accurate and personal. He has a clear and detailed connection to his spirit guides who relay messages of clarity and light to his clients. His compassionate and gentle demeanor makes him uniquely approachable as a psychic, yet he is direct and honest about what he hears from his spirit guides. His passion is empowering the client to find what truly gives them joy and access all their possibilities for creating a powerful life.

His clients appreciate his psychic gift of spiritual guidance, where he helps them see universal truths and find clarity, love, and their own spiritual connection within themselves. There is a special quality of inspiration about readings with Tim that surpasses the every day psychic reading.

Tim is in Woodbury, MN but offers readings worldwide by phone or Skype

“I find Tim to be one of the most amazing spiritual mentors that I have had the honor of working with. I am a mother of a child who, like Tim, is a psychic medium.  My biggest challenge as a mother of a psychic child, with no abilities of my own, has been being her teacher, giving her the guidance and understanding she’s needed and continues to need.  My son is starting to develop some of his own abilities and now discovering his uniqueness as well and I thank god every day that we have Tim Baxton in our lives. We have been faced with many trials & tribulations with these abilities and some have been very frightening for our family. I have reached out to Tim multiple times and he has been my rock through many of these challenges. Tim’s approach with me has always been one of calmness, compassion, deep understanding, and love. The most valuable lesson he has taught me (us) is to “keep everything sacred” and “find my faith”.  I trust Tim Baxton with my most precious gifts god have has given me which is my children… this is why I would highly recommend Tim Baxton." Kim Buhay