Tim Baxton
psychic readings for people

Psychic Medium * Spiritual Coach * Healer


"He gave me straight forward answers to the questions I did have ~ even if it wasn't the answers I had hoped for. He is the real thing." Read more ...


Tim was born a naturally gifted psychic with the ability to see, sense, hear, and feel spirits and messages from spirit friends as well as see past, present and future events. Your reading starts with your first name, age, and astrological sign, then your list of questions.

Readings involve spiritual guidance and support, helping you access what you want in your life, and finding clarity to make your life rich with possibilities. Sessions are one of friendship and conversation, as clients are free to ask questions to get further clarity.

Readings are done mostly by phone. 

In-person or group readings are also available 

30 minute Reading  $100

45 minute Reading  $150

60 minute  Reading  $200

Readings for Your Pets

Readings for animals are much like reading for people. Tim can access your pets (without them being present) to help you find out what they are feeling & thinking with clarity and openness.

Readings are all by phone. In person readings are by special arrangement in Duluth, Minnesota.

Rates are the same as Psychic Readings; please use the buttons just above for payment.

I had no idea Tim communicated with pets and was amazed when he proceeded to describe my Macca's situation at the vets and his unwillingness to leave this earthly plain. Tim is the real deal and uses compassion and his gift to help others to the best of his abilities. Read more...


"There is no denying Tim's abilities and his compassionate and honest approach just makes you feel and know you are where you should be in talking and listening to him. I will recommend readings by Tim to anyone." Read more ...

"Tim is probably the most authentic and genuine psychic I have had the joy of experiencing. It's more than a reading; it's a session to shift my life and bring in more of what I need to be an amazing human being." Read more ...