Tim Baxton Psychic Medium,
Spirit Guide  & Channeler 

Psychic Medium * Spiritual Coach * Healer

I have been giving spiritual / energetic / vibrational healings for many years now. 

I have not made this a public offering until now. I Am being guided to offer these by donation if people are respectful of my time and energy which I give in return. Some sessions will take me days or weeks to work on. 

I only do these remotely, you do not need to be present to receive. 

Also trained in Theta Healing 

Once we've discussed your intention of your healing session I will send you a request for money from PayPal in the amount you choose. 

Average donation is $200+ ( my hourly rate ). I consider this an exchange of energy. Everything is energy, it can never be destroyed only transformed. 

I will try this format for awhile and see how it goes. 

The energy of your donation, the faith in your willingness for healing and your intention is important to receive any healing. Some people I am guided that I am not the one to to help, if so I will let you know ahead of time. 

I channel universal energy then focus in many areas for you including your life & body. With assistance from your Soul & Spirit Guides. Most issues can be traced back to our past, either this life or another. 

I heal what is shown to me by clearing out old energy then transmuting it to the preferred vibration. This step is what can take awhile. Out of habit we can fall back into old 'sick' vibrations which can call back the old energy. Sometimes things unwanted are in our life to teach us something, I can help with this too. 

* Homes, People, Business, Land & Pets Can Be Healed