Tim Baxton
psychic readings for people

Psychic Medium * Spiritual Coach * Healer

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Want more spiritual meaning & direction in your life? 

Looking for more than just a typical psychic reading?

Want to connect with your heart and soul's desire ? 

Feeling a desire to connect with your Guides & Angels ? 

Like to know which is the best path for your Spirit ? 

You will 

Gain spiritual guidance and direction

Receive messages from Spirit Friends on the other side

Insights into your pets behavior

Tap into your own intuitive abilities

Find Clarity 

Clients refer to Tims gift as "Shaman" "Healer" "Coach"

 "Spirit Guide" "Friend"

Tim strongly believes we create our own reality and the future is always changing. 

He often references the  "Law of Attraction" in his work to assist people 

in learning how they can change their lives for the better. 

Tarot Card Readings Also Available 

Tim is a master psychic uniquely gifted
to offer you a rich exp

Tim is an accomplished naturally gifted Psychic Medium, Spiritual Coach, Tarot Reader and Healer with over 20 years professional experience. Tim was born with psychic abilities, seeing ghosts and spirit in every day life, offering him guidance and support. 

Tim has a solid reputation for being accurate and personal. He has a clear and detailed connection to his spirit guides who relay messages of clarity and light to his clients. His compassionate and gentle demeanor makes him uniquely approachable, yet he is direct and honest about what he hears. 
His passion is empowering the client to find what truly gives them joy and access all their
possibilities for creating a powerful rewarding life.

His clients appreciate his gift of spiritual guidance, where he helps them see universal truths and find clarity, love, and their own spiritual connection within themselves. There is a special quality of inspiration about readings with Tim that surpasses the every day psychic reading.